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2016 Schedule Released

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 02/01/16

Lafayette County Promotions LLC and race director, Jason Udelhofen, are excited to release the 2016 race schedule which includes 15 nights of racing at two local tracks. 

To view the entire schedule visit the Schedule page on the website. Highlights for the 2016 season include:
  • Several specials throughout the season
  • Two kids nights again this year
  • Midwest Jalopies for Canoe Fest & a live band downtown
  • Lafayette County Fair race, including INEX Legends
  • June & August races at Grant County Speedway
  • 2nd Annual Ralph Fryer Memorial Corn Belt Clash race
It is important to note not all specials are finalized, including which classes will be running on those nights. The schedule is subject to change, and we will keep everyone updated as things work out.

A message from your Race Director

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 12/08/15

For those that weren't in attendance at the banquet, or did not hear the entire speech... A message from your race director, Jason Udelhofen.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a good friend of mine and we were talking about this past season. I felt myself almost unload on him all of my frustrations from the past season. How I really kind of felt defeated as every night I had groups of people complaining to me, or coming to the infield to yell at me and I felt as though I couldn’t do anything right.

He asked, “Why do you do it then?”

I thought about it a moment, and then I said, “These guys are my family. They are not blood relatives, but a family and just like every family you will have ups and down and we may not all get along, but I am proud of my family because of how we all come together and become a racing family and racing community.”

For example, we had over 50+sponsors as well as drivers donate 102 bicycles as well as helmets, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and other items for Kids night making it one of the biggest nights at the Lafayette County Speedway this year.

When a family with ties to the racing community lost their home due to fire, drivers, fans and crew all pitched in and were able to donate to this family.

When it came to back to school night these same drivers and sponsors rallied together to donate 35 backpacks filled with school supplies to give away.

We were able to host races at the Grant County Speedway where we were able to keep a local racetrack open for another year.

We had over 120 drivers race with us this year.

And, we had more than 1,850 people in attendance for the Inaugural Ralph Fryer Memorial CBC season championship night where we were unofficially able to host Billy Moyer’s 800th win.

It is things like this that show me what we have accomplished and makes me proud to be a part of the Lafayette County Speedway.

I want to thank all of you all for being a part of my racing family. If it weren’t for you drivers, pit crew and fans there would be no LCS.

I also would like to thank my crew for helping put on the show every night. They give up their Friday nights and for little to no pay and are there to put on a show. They are thankless jobs and sometimes they get abused by myself as well as drivers but still come back week after week to help put on the show.

I want to extend a huge thank you to LC Promotions. Kari, Matt, Steve, Jack, and Georgia work hard all week long doing everything from grading and watering the track, to working on the website updating points, dealing with banking, dealing with vendors, insurance companies, running after supplies dealing with sponsors and advertising as well as making repairs to the facilities. It is all of their hard work behind the scenes that makes it possible for all of us to have a place to play. Each of them have more than full time jobs, so for them to DONATE what free time they have to the track is really something. So, thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Lastly I would like to thank my wife and family as well as my extended family for putting up with all of the crazy that is the racing season, for putting up with my attitude and not kicking me out of the house when the crazy kicks in.

Moving on to 2016:
Changes to LCS:
- New Classes: We will be adding the 9 to 1 limited late model class. Rules will be pretty much identical to Darkside. All rules to all classes will be posted soon.

- Trucks and 4 cyl. Classes: We will still run these classes in 2016 with the difference being if there are less than eight it will be feature only for these two classes. With all of classes we have we find it important to keep the show rolling, When the class has eight or more we will be glad to run heat races.

– Truck Rule Changes: There will be a couple of rule changes in the truck class. We will be allowing all trucks to run carburetors as well as HEI ignition. This should help out with the guys with fuel injected engine problems.

- General Rule Changes: We will be going to an all cars involved format. This will alleviate “judging” who was the cause of the accident.
Another change we will be making is that we will be going to a draw redraw line up this year. At the meeting we had this fall it was discussed and everyone that was in attendance came to the conclusion that this was the most fair way to line up the cars. This will also give incentive for cars to come race with us throughout the season.

- Schedule: We are considering pushing the first big test and tune back to early evening to help keep the track a little longer and hopefully prevent it from turning to dust right away.
We are looking forward to working with Grant County again this year and helping them put on a couple of shows up there as well.
A full schedule for 2016 will be posted after the first of the year.

I want to thank you all again for coming, congratulations to all on a great season.

Banquet Details

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 10/26/15

The details for the race banquet are above. Please RSVP by November 27th to Kari at 608.482.0246. If you were a registered driver, you're invite will arrive in the mail any day now!

Upcoming Events

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 10/20/15

  • November 14th - Spam 8-Pin Tap. All proceeds will benefit the Lafayette County Speedway. Call 608.776.3171 for more details or to sign up.
  • December 5th - Awards Banquet at Redbird Alley. All are welcome. Invites will be sent out to all registered drivers in the next few days. The invitation will be posted here and on the website as well. $15 per person with happy hour at 6:00 pm and dinner at 7:00 pm. RSVP to Kari at 608.482.0246 by November 27th.
  • March 5th - Lafayette County Speedway 8-Pin Tap. Details to come for both shifts.

5th Annual Spam Bowling Tourney - Proceeds to Lafayette County Speedway

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 10/13/15

We are very excited and thankful to Redbird Alley. November 14th they'll be holding their 5th annual Spam 8-Pin Tap. Please call Redbird Alley to sign up your team for either shift. (608) 776-3171. $100 per five person team. A great bowling tournament full of fun remembering a great person, and this year's proceeds go back to local racing! Please support them, as they're great supporters of LCS!