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OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Ralph Fryer Memorial Corn Belt Clash Race Planned for August 8th

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 03/24/15


For more information contact:

Kari Ruf / Lafayette County Promotions, LLC

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$5,400 Purse for Corn Belt Clash at Lafayette County Speedway

Ralph Fryer Memorial Race Planned for Saturday, August 8th


DARLINGTON, Wisconsin (March 24, 2015) – Corn Belt Clash and Lafayette County Speedway released plans for the Ralph Fryer Memorial Race for Saturday, August 8th with a $5,400 purse.

The fourth annual Corn Belt Clash race in Darlington will be one for the record books as the largest race ever to run at Lafayette County Speedway (LCS) in it’s 65 year history. The three-eights mile dirt oval, located in southwest Wisconsin, will host Corn Belt Clash and Season Championship with its four weekly classes plus the open late model series on the second Saturday in August. 

This race will recognize Ralph Fryer, long-time race engine builder and late model team owner. Ralph passed away on January 4, 2015 in his hometown of Freeport, Ill. He was a late model owner for some of the best drivers in the Midwest, most recently helping his grandson Mike on the Corn Belt Clash circuit. 

“The Fryer family contacted me about wanting to hold this race at Lafayette County Speedway in Ralph’s memory, and it only seemed fitting to make the first place winnings $5,400 in honor of Ralph’s car number, 54,” explains Cam Granger, Corn Belt Clash Owner. “Many late model drivers are already committing to race this night, especially since Corn Belt Clash offers another large purse the Friday night before in West Union, Iowa. We are excited to head back to Darlington for a fourth consecutive year and put on the best show to-date at the track.”


About Lafayette County Speedway

Lafayette County Speedway, located in Darlington, Wis. has a 65-year old auto-racing legacy. The slightly banked three-eighths mile clay track has been in existence since the 1950’s. The facility can comfortably seat 3,000 spectators and has pit parking for approximately 90-100 racecars and haulers. Racing continues for 2015 with a full 15-night schedule, including two races at Grant County Speedway. For more information please visit the website, 


2015 Prices and Registration Open

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 03/17/15

The 2015 Registration Form is now online. We have also posted front gate and pit prices. All prices for registration and admission are the same as 2014. Please note these prices are for regular season races only. Prices may change for races such as the fair, Corn Belt Clash and others.

Ralph Fryer Memorial Corn Belt Clash Race & Season Championship

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 03/06/15

We have been biting our tongue with this secret, and we finally worked out all the details with Cam at Corn Belt Clash last night. We WILL be running our largest race EVER at Lafayette County Speedway in it’s 75+ year history. We will be combining our Corn Belt Clash race and our Season Championship on Saturday, August 8. This HUGE race will be in memory of long time race enthusiast, driver and support Ralph Fryer of Freeport, IL. The Fryer family has been a long-standing supporter at Lafayette County Speedway. 

It only seemed fitting to combine Corn Belt Clash and Season Championship to end the season with the best night of racing to ever happen in Lafayette County Speedway’s 75+ year history. The first place winnings will be $5,400 in honor of Ralph’s car number, 54. This is the largest purse ever at LCS. Previously it was $3,000 to win at Darlington on Corn Belt Clash night. We have late model drivers already committing to race this night! Mark your calendars as Corn Belt Clash heads back to Darlington on Saturday, August 8th!

Bowling Shifts Still Available

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 03/05/15

We have two openings left for the 3:00 p.m. shift & three openings left for the 6:00 p.m. shift. We'd LOVE to fill all the lanes. Let us know if you have a 5-person team to sign up. Call the alley at 608.482.0154. This is our largest fundraiser & we can't wait to catch up with the racers and crews!

At this rate every bowler is going to walk away with something thanks to all the awesome donations rolling in. Even if you don't bowl, come on out and enjoy the atmosphere, win some money or prizes, listen to some music and have some drinks!

INEX Legend's Set to Join LCS on June 12th!

by Lafayette County Promotions LLC on 03/03/15

We are excited to welcome the INEX Legend's to Lafayette County Speedway on Friday, June 12th for our Wisconsin Distributing/Budweiser night of racing in conjunction with the annual Canoe Fest in Darlington!